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Cosmetic Medicine /


Preventive measures for wrinkles and expression lines such as daily use of sun screens or keeping skin moisturized, are topical measures that can improve fine, superficial lines. However, in most cases measures that correct skin aging will be necessary, which is why our office offers the most innovative cosmetic medicine treatments available.

Topical cosmetic skin treatments

BOT SKIN SYSTEM: An innovative treatment that reduces the depth of wrinkles and expression lines. The Bot Skin System is an excellent beauty treatment that regenerates, brightens, tones, and stretches. It combines well with Vistabel treatment.
PUSH&PEEL SYSTEM: The Push & Peel System is a deep-acting superficial peel with antioxidant, exfoliation, revitalizing, and nutritive effects.
FILLDERMA: A filler option for those who want to reduce the signs of aging and rejuvenate their face. Filderma increases skin's moisture, reduced the length and depth of wrinkles, and brings back the elasticity and firmness lost over time.

  • Combined cosmetic treatments for the neckline


    NEW: Hyaluronic acid is the greatest innovation for the treatment of flaccidity and folds on the neckline, due to the fact that it is not used as a filler but as a revitalizing material, moisturizing (attracting water molecules), tightening (activating the cells in charge of creating collagen), and most importantly, acting as an antioxidant, meaning that it forms a screen that blocks the action of free radicals.

  • Sculptra


    This is a cosmetic skin treatment to recover the structure and elasticity of deep tissues without the need for surgery.
    Its action is based on the stimulation of progressive collagen formation, and in this way achieve skin renewal.
    Frequently asked questions
    What is Sculptra?

    It is a material of synthetic origin whose active ingredient is polylactic acid. The organism eliminates it gradually and completely.

    How does it work?

    Sculptra is injected into the dermis and induces collagen formation in a natural way.

    Who should use it?

    Given the fact that Sculptra increases volume in depressed areas and corrects wrinkles and furrows, it can be used by anyone over 30 years-old, who is not allergic to polylactic acid, and who needs to correct any of these defects.

    How many sessions are needed?

    Various sessions are needed, generally about three in order to obtain the desired results. Follow-up sessions may be necessary afterwords.

    Does it hurt?

    Anesthetic cream is normally used on the treated area, reducing the pinching sensation.

    Does it have side effects?

    The most common side effects are those relating to the injection such as pain, redness or bruises that will later disappear. A possible side effect could be the appearance of small protruding areas that are not visible although palpable.

    Can it be combined with other treatments?

    Sculptra treatment is compatible with other treatments such as botulinum toxin, fillers, peels, laser or radio-frequency.

  • Atlean


    Atlean is an innovative treatment with a tightening effect, that produces excellent results on the lower half of the face. It is made up of fine particles of tricalcium phosphate dissolved in hyaluronic acid. It is injected into the skin and it stimulates the formation of facial collagen allowing for the redefinition of the jaw line and tightening of the jowl area.
    Treatment is performed in two sessions separated by one month, and 6 months or one year later a follow-up treatment is performed. This is an innovative, effective treatment for incipient and moderate flaccidity that is not very invasive.
    Frequently asked questions
    What is Atlean?

    Fine particles of tricalcium phosphate dissolved in hyaluronic acid, materials which are reabsorbed and naturally degraded in 9 to 12 months.

    What does it do?

    It stimulates the fibroblasts, activating the formation of collagen and elastin, therefore improving the natural process of facial regeneration.

    How is it applied?

    It is applied through micro injections at the dermis level on the lower part of the face.

    Does it hurt?

    Atlean is a practically painless product, however, an anesthetic cream is normally used prior to the treatment to numb the area.

    What are the results of a treatment with Atlean?

    It tightens the facial contour and the jowl area.

    How many sessions are needed?

    Two sessions separated by 4-6 weeks. The results are immediate and improve progressively. Depending on personal characteristics, one or two follow-up sessions are needed between 6-12 or 18 months after.

    Are there contraindications?

    It is not advisable during pregnancy, breast feeding, or for minors under 18 years of age.

  • Creating volume with Pix'l cannulas


    The aging process entails a loss of skin moisture, an increase in elastosis, and the disappearance of the fat deposits that allow for the sustainability of the dermis.
    Restoring moisture, increasing tone, and gaining back lost volume gives the face a fresh and young look. Today, thanks to the different types of hyaluronic acid, and the different techniques for applying it, in one or two sessions we can naturally rejuvenate the face.
    We are pioneers in the use of Pix'l micro cannulas that allow for the non-surgical application of the right product in the right area, in a way that is painless, and with little possibility of bruising. The results are immediate and natural, and allow you to immediately go back to work and usual activity.