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Medicina Estética - GROWTH FACTORS


Cosmetic Medicine /


Growth factors are proteins produced by the organism, they act as biological mediators that regulate essential functions relating to the regeneration and repair of tissues.
Obtaining plasma rich in platelets, from the patients own blood, and the micro injection of it, achieves skin stimulation without risk of allergy.

Bio-stimulation with growth factors can be considered one of the basic pillars for the treatment of skin aging.
It is used to improve and regain the skin's normal functions.
What is treatment with growth factors like?
A small sample of blood is obtained, centrifuged and prepared to obtain the part which is rich in platelets. Once this is obtained, it is re-injected with superficial micro injections to the patient's dermis. Local anesthesia cream, or cold compresses can be used before the micro injections. At the end of the session a decongestant mask is usually applied.

Precautions for treatment with growth factors

Before treatment
It is best not to come to the doctor's office with makeup.
The use of aspirin should be avoided on the days preceding the treatment.

  • Duration of the treatment


    Time is needed to extract the blood, centrifuge it, and obtain the plasma rich in platelets. The micro injection is then performed. The process can take between 30 and 60 minutes.

  • Precautions after treatment


    If there are red or bruised areas, they should be protected from sun exposure. Makeup can be used after treatment.

  • Results of treatment with growth factors


    Currently, bio-stimulation is considered a basic treatment for skin aging.
    The results are very good, maybe not visible in typical before and after photos, but you must keep in mind that the objective of the treatment is to stimulate skin cells, leading to the synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

  • How many sessions are needed?


    The number of sessions is different for each patient depending on the level of aging and the skin's characteristics.
    Treatment with micro injections of growth factors should be performed at least twice a year.