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Medicina Estética - THERMAGE ®


Cosmetic Medicine /


Thermage® is a radio-frequency system that stimulates collagen through heat. Collagen is a fiber that supports the skin. Due to aging and external factors, the body's own collagen formation is deteriorated over time.
Radio-frequency, Thermage®, allows for the production of new collagen that rejuvenates the skin and contributes to skin tightening. Therefore, the treatment stops the natural evolution of time, and in many cases it tightens, elevates, and reduces facial lines as well as renewing facial contours.

Frequently asked questions

Can it be used on all skin types?

Yes. The Thermage® radio-frequency system can be applied to both light and dark skin types, making it a safe treatment for both.

How does Thermage® work?

Through electrical impulses, energy is generated that deeply heats the dermis, and a cooling system cools and protects the most external layer. The heat produced stimulates collagen creation, causing an immediate contraction. Thermage® does not require anesthesia or anesthesia cream. During the months following treatment new fibers are formed that substitute the old ones, rejuvenating the skin's appearance in the treated areas. This system tightens skin and provides a younger-looking appearance. Thermage® is not meant to replace surgery.

Are the effects of Thermage® immediate?

Collagen is retracted immediately, but after 2-3 months the initial improvement can be seen. In younger skin the results may be visible before that.

How many sessions are needed?

Normally only one session is needed. Your doctor will advise you as to whether additional sessions are necessary.

What will you notice during the treatment?

You will feel heat which will disappear when you finish the session. We remind you that a refrigeration system is included that cools the skin's outer layers.

Can Thermage® be combined with other techniques?

Yes, it can be combined with botulinum toxin, photo rejuvenation with pulsed light, reabsorbing implants, peels, or facial mesotherapy. These treatments improve each others' effects. The combination should be indicated by a specialized doctor and recommended time periods between each one of the treatments should be maintained.

  • Contraindications


    This treatment is not recommended for patients who wear pacemakers.

  • How long will a Thermage® treatment take?


    This will depend on the area to be treated and the size of the area. It will take approximately between one hour for facial treatments and two hours for body treatments. Generally a little more time is required in order to prepare the skin before the treatment and to apply a mask afterwords.

  • Precautions after Thermage® treatment


    You can go back to normal activity right away; you will not need to take a day off of work. You should avoid sources of heat or direct exposure to the sun during the hours directly following the treatment. You can apply makeup immediately.

  • Results


    An improvement in skin firmness is achieved, and in many cases an improvement in facial or body flaccidity. The improvement is gradual, beginning after 2-3 months, so no one will notice an immediate change in your appearance. The results depend on the natural aging process of each patient.