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Cosmetic Medicine /


To attenuate expression lines, those which are produced through facial movement such as crow's feet, horizontal wrinkles on the forehead, or those between the eyebrows, Vistabel-Botox-Azzalure, Type A Botulinum Toxin, is used.
The injection of this product causes the muscles treated to relax, erasing the wrinkles that were created by the strength of these muscles.

Who can benefit from the treatment of expression lines with Vistabel-Botox-Azzalure?

This treatment is ideal both for people with incipient wrinkles or those who have already established wrinkles.

  • Before treatment of expression lines


    For treatment with vistabel-botox-azzalure it is not necessary to perform an allergy test. The treatment should be not performed on people who have an allergy to egg protein, neuro-muscular diseases, or pregnant or nursing women.
    You should avoid taking aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs for the three days prior to treatment with vistabel-botox-azzalure in order to avoid bruising in the treated areas.

  • Duration of the treatment and the results


    Treatment of expression lines is performed in the doctor's office in about 15-30 minutes. The effects start to become noticeable after 12-24 hours. After 15 days, when the maximum effect of the treatment with vistabel-botox-azzalure becomes visible, it is advisable to go for a follow-up visit in the event that any retouching might be necessary.
    For a period of up to 12 or 14 weeks, the effect maintained at 15-days from the treatment is maintained. After 6 months a slight movement of the muscle begins to become noticeable and at this point the treatment can be repeated.

  • Precautions after treatment with Vistabel-Botox-Azzalure


    The treated area should not be pressed for 4-8 hours in order to avoid spreading the product to other areas, so motorcycle helmets should be avoided. It is best to avoid resting your head on something during the hours after treatment. On the other hand, gesticulating during the days following treatment will improve results.