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Medicina Estética - WRINKLE FILLERS


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The passing of time produces, in a more or less accentuated way, causes the loss of skin elasticity, and the loss of volume in the structures that support tissues.
This fact depends on different factors such as: genetics, skin type, sun exposure, smoking, or hormones, and the visual translation of these factors leads to the appearance of wrinkles and a reduction in the size of lips and cheeks.
The use of filler materials allows for almost immediate results on wrinkles and allows for the reshaping of lips or an increase in cheek volume.

Can all wrinkles be filled in?

Filler implants are normally used for filling in facial wrinkles, wrinkles caused by a loss of volume in certain facial areas such as nasolabial folds, and they can also be used to give volume to lips, cheeks, and the chin.
Are all wrinkle filler implants the same?

No. There are permanent implants and implants that are reabsorbed.
Of all the implants that are reabsorbed, hyaluronic acid is the one we use most frequently because of its greater level of safety. However, there are other products that last a long time that are used both on their own and in combination with others.
Hyaluronic acid can be used to fill superficial or deep wrinkles, lip reshaping, or in order to increase the volume of a certain area. The hyaluronic acid used varies only in density in each one of these situations. The deeper the wrinkle, the denser the hyaluronic acid chosen for the treatment.
Hyaluronic acid is capable of retaining water, so apart from correcting wrinkles, it also moisturizes the treated area and increases its elasticity.
Does a wrinkle filler treatment substitute a vistabel-bótox treatment?

Implants for filling wrinkles do not substitute Vistabel. For expression wrinkles like crow's feet or lines between the eyebrows, it is important that the muscles be treated previously with Vistabel, so as to reduce muscular contraction and then the filler with achieve better results.
For filling in other areas such as nasal lines or smile lines, or for increasing the volume of the chin, nose, cheeks, or lips, treatment with Vistabel is not necessary.
Do wrinkle filler implants have contraindications?

Wrinkle filler treatment should not be performed on pregnant or breast feeding women. It should not be performed on patients with auto-immune diseases. It is not advisable to perform this treatment of areas with infectious processes or acute inflammations.

Pre-treatment precautions

It is advisable to avoid the use of aspirin or products that contain it for a period of 7-10 days before treatment, in this way the risk of bleeding will be reduced.
If you need an analgesic, use paracetamol.
In case of doubt, talk to your doctor.

  • How wrinkle filling is performed


    On the day of treatment you should come to the doctor's office without makeup. Before treatment makeup will be removed, oil will be removed from the skin, and depending on the area to be treated, a local anesthetic cream will be applied.
    The treatment consists of injecting the filler which comes in a pre-loaded vial.
    Each material requires a specific technique that will vary depending on the depth at which it will be applied, the amount of the product to be used, or the way the implant will be performed.
    The time the treatment will take depends on the area to be treated but normally it takes between 15 and 30 minutes. You need to take into account that since anesthetic cream will be applied before treatment, and decongestant mask will be applied afterwords, that the time you will spend at the clinic will be a little longer. For lip reshaping, if you have previously had cold sores, you will have to take antiviral treatment on the days leading up to the treatment. In the event of an acute outbreak of cold sores or bruises of any sort in the area to be treated, you should postpone wrinkle filler treatment.

  • After wrinkle filling treatment


    It is important not to expose yourself to solar rays or sources of intense heat, such as UVA rays or saunas, on the day the wrinkle filling implant is performed. You should not carry out intense exercise or drink alcohol.
    During the following 3-5 days it is best to avoid sources of direct heat, sun, and UVA.

  • Duration of the effects of wrinkle filler treatment


    Normally, hyaluronic acid stays in place for between 6 months and a year. There is no maximum number of sessions.

  • Combining wrinkle filling with other treatments


    Filler products can be combined with peels, Vistabel, pulsed light, Thermacool, or lifting. It is important to keep in mind that filler treatments should be performed after other treatments. It is best to wait 15 days after a peel and one month after a surgical face lift.

    Dr. Paloma Nose
    Filler treatment with hyaluronic acid can be performed to reshape the nose, both for the tip and the side, improving the nasal anatomy without the need for surgery.
    This would be recommended for certain visible defects that do not imply any alteration in nasal breathing.

    Dr. Paloma Chin
    The use of fillers with hyaluronic acid allow us to shape and add volume to the chin area, therefore making it possible to reshape your facial profile without surgery.

    Dr. Paloma Cheeks
    Over time, as bone mass and fat are lost, the cheeks can lose volume. This creates a tired appearance and accentuates nasal outlines. With hyaluronic acid the area can be filled in, and in so doing the face is rejuvenated.