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Cosmetic Surgery / Breast Surgery /


Augmentation mammoplasty (Breast enlargement) can be used to enhance body contours, to correct a reduction in breast volume after pregnancy, to balance a difference in breast sizes, or as reconstructive surgery after a breast operation.

Would you be a good candidate for breast enlargement?

If you think you need a mammoplasty, please consult with us. We want to listen to you and have you tell us what you would like to achieve. Dr. Paloma and his team will explain the procedure in detail, show you photos of before and after breast augmentation, and we will talk with you about the results you can expect.
You can also find out about the price of breast enlargement for your specific case. Below we provide an introduction to what you can expect from a breast augmentation procedure.

  • Breast augmentation surgery


    For breast augmentation the surgeon makes a small incision, either in the armpit, or, around the breast areola and inserts an implant behind the breast gland. Depending on each specific case, the surgeon will decide to place the implant in front or behind the pectoral muscle.
    Breast augmentation is normally carried out under general anesthesia and lasts about 40 minutes.

  • After breast augmentation


    You will be able to go home the day after breast enlargement surgery. During the first few days you will have to wear a very tight bandage and you will not be able to undergo any strain.
    The bandage will be removed two days after the procedure and will be substituted by a special bra you will have to wear day and night for one month.
    About four days after the breast augmentation procedure you will be able to go back to normal life: work, drive, etc. but you will not be able to do physical exercise until one month later.
    A checkup will be performed about 10 days after the procedure, at which point the stitches will be removed (two for each breast).

  • Results


    You will really be able to see the results of the breast enlargement procedure after the first month, when your breasts will be less sensitive and swollen. The scars will be rose-colored for about six weeks but will be all the time less visible during the following months.
    There do not tend to be many complications related to breast augmentation. There can be bruises, an infection, or a reaction to the stitches that can be easily treated.
    Apart from these minor complications, the most frequent complication is capsular retraction, meaning that the body envelopes the implant with a layer of connective tissues which is normally thin but in some cases can become thick and cause a sensation of unnatural hardness.
    This occurs in about 10% of patients who have undergone a breast enlargement procedure and can be corrected by breaking up the layer through external maneuvers, or, through the same place as the original procedure and then drying out the layer.

  • See before and after photos