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Cirugía de Mamas - Fat transfer breast enlargement


Cosmetic Surgery / Breast Surgery /

Fat transfer breast enlargement

Breast enlargement using the patient’s own fat, known as breast lipostructure or lipofilling, is a technique used to enlarge or replace lost breast volume, as well as to change its shape, without the use of prostheses.

This is achieved by injecting into the breasts the patient’s own fat, which is the ideal material as it does not cause rejection or complications.

Who makes a good candidate?

This procedure is suitable for anyone in good physical and psychological health who wants a small-to-medium increase in their breast volume, and who has sufficient fatty deposits from which to take the necessary fat.

Each case should be evaulated on an individual basis by the surgeon, who will provide detailed information and a quote.

  • Lipofilling breast surgery


    This procedure is performed under local anaesthetic, which is administered to the breast and to the area from which the fat is extracted, or under general anaesthetic depending on the preferences of the surgeon and patient, or it may be carried out in tandem with another surgical procedure.

    Once the anaesthetic has taken effect in the fat-donor area (usually the abdomen, inner thighs or knees, or love handles) the fat is obtained via cannulas inserted through small 2mm holes. It is processed and administered to enlarge the breasts via small, invisible 2mm incisions using a cannula, leaving fine deposits of fat throughout the breast. One of the benefits of this procedure is liposuction of the fat donor site.

  • After surgery


    This is not a painful procedure, although small bruises may appear in the area from which fat is removed.

    The breasts are bandaged and after 3-4 days the bandage is exchanged for a bra which should be worn for about a month, together with a bandage or pressure therapy garment in the area from which the fat has been removed.

    The patient can resume everyday activities immediately, although they should avoid intense physical exercise for around a month.

  • Results


    The size achieved depends on the amount of fat injected, some of which is always reabsorbed, providing natural results without the use of prostheses.