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Cirugía Plástica - CHEEKS


Cosmetic Surgery /


Cosmetic surgery can be used to augment cheeks, using implants that provide a larger volume and improve the contour of cheeks which are not very defined.

Would you be a good candidate for cheek augmentation?

Certain people lose the contour of their cheeks with age, and there are others who have flat cheeks, or who are just not happy with appearance of their cheeks.The fact that it is a fairly simple procedure along with the fact that cheek implants are moderately priced, make it an especially attractive cosmetic solution. The most important thing is to have realistic expectations about the results you can achieve, that is why talking with your surgeon is essential.
At Dr. Vicente Paloma's office you will receive a cheek augmentation budget for your specific case.

  • Cheek augmentation surgery


    Cheek augmentation is carried out by inserting a prosthesis that adapts to the surface of the cheek bone. When the procedure is not combined with other cosmetic surgery treatments, an incision is make inside the mouth, on top of the groove between the upper lip and the gums, making the internal scar invisible.
    The surgeon creates a tunnel that ends in the cavity that will house the prosthesis above the cheek bone.
    Normally local anesthesia is used for cheek augmentation, however, depending of the patient's preferences, and those of the surgeon, general anesthesia can be used. The procedure normally lasts between 30 and 45 minutes.

  • After cheek augmentation


    After cheek augmentation, you may notice some facial swelling. The mobility of your mouth and lips will be temporarily affected.
    The stitches used to close the incision inside the mouth will dissolve after 10 days.

  • Results


    A few days after cheek augmentation surgery, the implant will become as if it were part of your cheeks and will be hardly noticeable. Complications are extremely rare in this kind of surgery and can consist of bad positioning or movement that can require repositioning of the implant.