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Cirugía Plástica - IMAGE SIMULATOR


Cosmetic Surgery /


VECTRA X3 is a 3D image simulator for computers that allows you to effectively and realistically visualize the results of a cosmetic surgery procedure.
The computer images that simulate how a patient will look after cosmetic surgery is a service that patients really value in their preoperative visits.
Dr. Vicente Paloma's office has just acquired the most modern model of the 3D image system that exists on the market: VECTRA X3 from the American company Canfield, that allows you to visualize the results of a cosmetic surgery procedure.

With VECTRA X3 the realistic cosmetic simulation that is achieved helps to demonstrate surgical and non-surgical procedures to sculpt the change, in a three dimensional image of the patient. The images are a way to understand the surgeon's approach and the procedure, while creating confidence in the results.
Preoperative images are used extensively in all cosmetic surgery procedures and provide the following benefits:

Dr. Paloma Improve communication between the surgeon and the patient.

Dr. Paloma Help to reconcile differences between the patients desires and the surgeon's medical and cosmetic concept.

Dr. Paloma Support analysis and preoperative planning.

Dr. Paloma Allow identification of patients with unrealistic expectations.

With VECTRA X3 the patient can explore the possibilities and this will help him or her to decide on the best possible treatment plan with these objectives in mind:

Dr. Paloma Communicate possibilities: The use of the patients own images to explore possible results.

Dr. Paloma Complementary procedures: We will show the patient the effects of a combination of procedures such as rhinoplasty, chin augmentation, or breast augmentation along with abdominal surgery.

Dr. Paloma Increase the patient's satisfaction. We will visualize the patient's expectations and reach a shared understanding of treatment objectives.

Dr. Paloma Improve surgical planning: Treatment and surgery plan in 3D. This refers to three-dimensional preoperative images and simulated images during surgery.