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Cirugía Plástica - Lipofilling


Cosmetic Surgery /


Lipofilling is a surgical technique that involves extracting a patient's own fat from the areas in which it accumulates (abdomen, love handles, inner thighs and knees, and chin), processing it and using it to increase volume in areas that require it such as the cheeks, chin and hands (either because they have decreased due to age or because they naturally lack volume), as well as to fill wrinkles and furrows (creases in the lower eyelid, smile lines and laughter lines).

Who is lipofilling suitable for?

Anyone in good physical and mental health who is lacking volume in certain areas (cheeks, back of the hands, a lack of definition in the jawline) either naturally or due to ageing, as well as in areas of deep lines or profound wrinkles (beneath the eyes, facial lines).

The surgeon should assess each case individually, and provide detailed information and a quote.

  • Lipofilling surgery


    Local anaesthetic is applied to the area from which the fat is to be taken, then barely noticeable 2mm incisions are made through which cannulas are used to extract the fat. Once it has been processed it is applied in the treatment areas with a careful technique using fine cannulas of differing sizes depending on the area, filling them to the required volume. 

  • After lipofilling


    Recovery is rapid, with just some discomfort and inflammation in the fat donor and treatment areas.

    The patient can resume day-to-day activity quickly. Depending on the area, sterile strips may be applied to the treatment zone, which remain in place for 3-4 days. 

  • Results


    This technique yields highly satisfactory results, replenishing volume in a very natural way without the use of artificial materials, as well as improving the texture of the skin above.