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Information for patients

Information for patients

How should I prepare for my first visit?
The surgeon must listen to the patient carefully to find out what he or she wants, the operation the patient would like to undergo, and recommend the best option so that the patient feels good and is happy with his or her looks, after the operation, and ten years later.
It is important to prepare a list of questions and concerns about the operation, so as to find out about the process you will go through, the risks involved in any kind of surgery, possible complications, recovery time, etc.
At the clinic, a physical exam will be performed on the area to be treated, paying special attention, and dedicating all of the time necessary. Finally, we will do everything we can so that you leave the doctor's office having answered all of your questions.
Who will perform the procedure or treatment?
Dr Paloma's team is made up of the country's leading surgeons as well as top specialists in cosmetic medicine. Any member of the medical team is an excellent choice for your procedure.
What is the price of surgery?
The cost of plastic surgery varies for each procedure. We invite you to request an appointment on the website or send your questions by email to: info@drpaloma.com
Are there financing options?
In our surgery we will inform you of excellent financing conditions. The Vicente Paloma Institute offers you through a financial solvency institution the possibility of financing your treatment at 0 interest if you do it for a term of 3, 6 or 12 months. Contact us and we will give you all the details so that you choose the formula that best suits your needs.
What are the prerequisites before an operation?
At our office we offer different financing models, that are very flexible, so that we can offer the one which best adapts to your needs. Dr. Vicente Paloma's clinic has an agreement with BanSabadell FinCom from Banc Sabadell for the financing of medical and surgical services, that allows for financing between 300 and 21,000 euro, with flexible payments between 3 and 60 months. You will only need to decide the number of months you want to pay in and we will take care of everything. Check the Information for patients section of the website for our administrative contact information.
Before undergoing an operation, ask your surgeon what the preoperative requirements are for your specific surgery. Analysis, a cardiology study, X-rays, or other tests (depending on you medical history) may be required.
If you have any questions, feel free to call us: +34 93 39 33 181, we will be happy to answer them.